5 days on…

My initial move to Live over Google was painful, I found Bing while refreshing to use didn’t always search for what I wanted.

Turns out education is the key, changing key words and how I search for items is starting to give me more fruitful responses.

I’ve started migrating most of my email off Gmail to Live, the current things in my inbox will remain there as part of an archive for ease. Live email is actually not very different, Messenger is not yet being used as I have no need for it, however folders and Skydrive are a pleasantly efficient and streamlined process.

One surprise is I have been able to move my Xbox account to my new Live ID moving everything that is connected to that gamertag with it.

More to come…

Changes to Google

Well the announcement from Google has been they plan to change the Privacy Policy to be one big one for all Google Services.

I pondered this change for a while, now I love Google, Gmail, Chrome and its many other useless sites that I don’t use like G+ but I don’t want my sign on to allow me to use all the services unless I choose too.

I let the update to profiles slip by (wish I hadn’t) how I am thinking its time to move on, Firefox 10 has come along way, its pretty nippy I am using it now and Hotmail or Live Mail is looking more attractive, Documents and Skydrive built in!


Chrome to Firefox

Ditching Chrome hasn’t really affected me, if anything its better as encryption doesn’t work on Android currently.

Firefox 10 feels stable and firm, Mozilla Sync worked first time, brought everything back from my previous use. Mobile Firefox on my Android phone also worked first time. I’ve added a raft of new add-ons to Firefox, I forgot how complete it feels with all the extra’s like tabs in aero.


  • Adblock Plus – Says it all.
  • Flagfox – Adds a flag to the address bar letting you know where the server is hosted.
  • Ghostery – Stops tracking.
  • Secure Login – Like wand for Opera.
  • Webmail Notifier – Shows notifications for my email accounts, Live Mail and Gmail currently.


Gmail to Live Mail

This move has been harder!

Gmail is my central email system of choice, I even have Google Apps for my domains.

The biggest benefit of Gmail is it works on my Android Nexus S and my BlackBerry, syncing both Contacts and Calendars. Live Mail doesn’t sync Calenders on BlackBerry yet and this is a sticking point for me, I don’t use it often but sometimes I think it is important to have a synchronised Calender.


Short term my calendar will remain on Google.


Let the migration begin!

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